Municipal Bond Credit Analysis


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Municipal Bond Credit Analysis

This course includes 3 videos, supplemental reading materials, quizzes and exams. See the PDF for complete details and available CPE credits.

Course Instructor: Betsy Shelton, Director of Research and Senior Portfolio Manager, Charles Fish Investments, Inc. | Betsy is an industry veteran with decades of experience performing due diligence on a wide array of municipal bonds. We are pleased to welcome her to the team of esteemed FIA Instructors. For more about Betsy visit

Course Summary: This course will detail the critical aspects of credit analysis for municipal bonds. We will define categories of bonds and provide detailed lists of questions to ask. Our goal is to equip learners to be good investigators and look beneath the surface to properly analyze municipal bonds.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Explain why municipalities issue bonds.
  2. Differentiate between the three categories of municipal bonds.
  3. Identify the purposes for the key documents required to perform adequate diligence.
  4. Articulate the purposes and importance of credit rating agencies.
  5. Identify ways to assess the underlying health of issuing entities.
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